"The act of writing is the act making soul, alchemy. It is the quest for the self, for the center of the self, which we women of color have come to think as “other” - the dark, the feminine. Didn’t we start writing to reconcile this other within us? We knew we were different, set apart, exiled from what is considered “normal,” white-right. And as we internalized this exile, we came to see the alien within us and too often, as a result, we split apart from ourselves and each other. Forever after we have been in search of that self, that “other” and each other. And we return, in widening spirals and never to the same childhood place where it happened, first in our families, with our mother, with our fathers. The writing is a tool for piercing that mystery but it also shields us, gives a margin of distance, helps us survive. And those that don’t survive? The waste of ourselves: so much meat thrown at the feet of madness or fate or the state."
- Gloria Anzaldua “Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to Third World Women Writers.” From Women Writing Resistance: Essays on Latin America and the Caribbean, edited by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez (via rmimms)
"The struggle is inner: Chicano, indio, American Indian, mojado, mexicano, immigrant Latino, Anglo in power, working class Anglo, Black, Asian—our psyches resemble the bordertowns and are populated by the same people. The struggle has always been inner, and is played out in outer terrains. Awareness of our situation must come before inner changes, which in turn come before changes in society. Nothing happens in the “real” world unless it first happens in the images in our heads."
- Gloria Anzaldua (via cromeroe)
"I guess my feminism and my race are the same thing to me. They’re tied in one to another, and I don’t feel an alliance or an allegiance with upper-class white women. I don’t. I can listen to them and on some level as a human being I can feel great compassion and friendships; but they have to move from their territory to mine, because I know their world. But they don’t know mine."
- Sandra Cisneros, Chicana Feminist Thought (via okbesko)
"I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin."
- Sandra Cisneros (via samroi)

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